There are about fifty beds occupying very spacious, with good ventilation and aesthetically-designed with the safety and privacy security of the patient in mind. The priority is that the patient should be able to get excellent care and have a comfortable stay in our facility, providing no chance for the addict to be able to put himself in a suicidal or troublesome position.


Our state-of-the-art facility is ergonomically designed for the comfort of our patients.Rehab Placement works  to make sure that you, or your loved one, receives the proper treatment based on individual needs, financial situation and a number of other factors. The environment itself imposes a calm and serene effect on the minds of the addicts and we have the latest equipment and tools that are used as part of our patient’s individualized treatment plan.


The food at NEW WISDOM is prepared by well experienced team of cooks and chefs with strict hygiene standards maintained in both the food and the kitchen which is also located inside our facility.  The types of food to be given at the various stages of treatment is fixed and looked upon by the nutritionist. Patients with specific dietary requirements will be provided special meals which follow diet plans.


Great care has been taken to create an aesthetically-appealing even though with a safe and secure environment. We clearly understand that our patients have just been taken out of their dark private space which have further added to their agony and now need to be in a completely different ambience that will not be the same where they spent their addiction periods.