Our Patients Feedback


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The Managing Director Mr. Thirumalai and the other clinical staff go above and beyond dealing with other outside issues you may have during your stay with NEW WISDOM. The medical staff is well qualified and I have never met anybody better. I had no hope and had suicidal thoughts daily. I felt comforted and cared for and in a safe environment from the first day I walked through the doors. It was truly first class all the way. Thirumalai sir, really have a passion for helping people with addictions.

Hariharan May 26, 2017

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This was the 3rd rehab I’ve been to & I’ve been able to stay clean and good for over a year now. Most importantly I can sustain my new lifestyle for the long run. I appreciate all of you at NEW WISDOM for giving me all of the right skills and resources to become a positive, productive and healthy person. I hope you are helping lots of other addicts find their new way in life.

S. Raja May 26, 2017

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NEW WISDON was a life changing experience. Everything about my life has improved & I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing right now. Drugs & alcohol, low self esteem & depression consumed my life & now after the wonderful doctors & staff at NEW WISDOM, I have a whole new outlook on life, priorities, & ethics. I learned why I turned to drugs & alcohol for the problems in my life & what I can do now to keep them out of my life. I will be forever grateful for NEW WISDOM and Mr. Thirumalai.

S. Ranjith May 26, 2017