Healing Therapies

The various healing therapies offered at NEW WISDOM rehab work together during the detoxification stage to help remove toxins, improve physical functioning and increase peace of mind. Nutritional supplements and a healthy diet will help ease the physical suffering while yoga and meditation will help calm the mind.

All clients who have undergone detox from drugs or alcohol at The Sanctuary report that our gentle, yet comprehensive approach ensures the most comfortable detox ever experienced.

You can get help now by calling us on . We are happy to answer any questions you may have and explain how we smoothly manage the process of withdrawal from drugs and alcohol.

Comprehensive Medical therapy

If you are not seeking treatment for substance abuse , but your presenting condition is such that you require 24 hour medical care upon admission, we can provide you with an equivalent Comprehensive Medical Program with experienced physicians and nursing staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

28 Day Intensive Residential therapy

Unless you require 24 hour medical care in a Detox or Comprehensive Medical Program at the outset, your program will begin at an intensive level, specifically designed to take into account:

  • any specific personal issues
  • any co-morbid conditions (eg psychological or physical)
  • ways of being in and relating to the world; and
  • how you relate to others.

Intensive Residential Programs combine a range of daily therapies and activities. Each day, you will have scheduled appointments with selected members of your treating team including your psychotherapist, yoga and meditation teacher, personal trainer, medical staff, carers and other trainers and teachers as required.

The treatment team is led by our Clinical Director who conducts the initial assessment and ensures the treatment focus is coordinated and responsive.

Importantly, every week of your Intensive program shifts in response to the pace of your recovery. As you get healthier, clearer and brighter, the entire treatment focus adapts. For example, new activities might be introduced; therapy might intensify, (though always still paced to your comfort); and where appropriate, family members or partners might be invited to participate. As we get to know you better, we discover more about what works for you.

Importantly, no Intensive Program is the same, as none of our clients are the same. While 28 days is the average period for an Intensive program, this period can be extended or reduced as you require.

Effective, Holistic Approach

The NEW WISDOM treatment model is a holistic, integrated and individual based program combining medicine, psychotherapy, bodywork, body alignment, rejuvenating meditation practices and nutrition to restore every part of you to health.

We bring to each and every client, an unparalleled level of expertise and range of therapies to ensure you are comfortable, protected and nurtured by effective treatment and ongoing care.

Holistic Treatment to Restore Your Health & Happiness

To be truly healthy is to have every part of you aligned in harmony. Achieving health is therefore a holistic endeavour.  Yet too often, our experience of healthcare is fragmented, uncoordinated and occasionally contradictory. Even if you stumble upon therapies that help, true integration and coordination of treatment can remain elusive.

We bring you back to health by bringing together a team of practitioners who are leaders in their respective fields, all working with you one-to-one, and coordinated by highly experienced clinical consultants who ensure all practitioners work together in the most integrated and effective manner possible.

Key features of our holistic approach include:

  • All elements of your program are conducted on a one-to-one basis. Just you and your therapists. This is proven to be the most effective form of therapy, inducing deep and long lasting healing.
  • Your program at the NEW WISDOM is finalized only after practitioners have spent the time with you to thoroughly assess your needs and determine what will work best for you.
  • Your program is dynamic and ever changing to respond to how you are feeling both physically and mentally every day.

You are assigned your own team of therapists and personal support staff for your stay. Typically this team includes 12 – 15 therapists and personal staff including care takers, doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, naturopaths, psychiatrists, massage therapists, yoga teachers, acupuncturists and any other therapies deemed necessary for inclusion in your program;